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Worship with pure heart and gain grace

There are a lot of days in Hinduism, when they worship Lord in various forms and seek blessigns by rituals as well as some offerings to the almighty. Amalaki Ekadashi is also a known festivals among religious loving Hindus. It is a Hindu holy day and falls between the months of February and March. People call it with different names, like ‘Phalguna Shukla ekadashi’, etc. This particular day is considered as one of the auspicious days for worshipping Lord Vishnu by serving amalas and taking food prepared using amalas. It is simply said as the ‘Celebration of amalaka or amala tree’ which is also called as the Indian gooseberry. People believe that Lord Vishnu resides inside the amala tree, particularly on amalaka kadashi and this is the reason behind their worship. The tree and its fruit also has many medicinal characteristics and it is used in Ayurveda medicine preparations also. The Amala or Indian Gooseberry is known as a very rich source of vitamin C and therefore much useful for the human body. Apart from its benefits and medicinal use, there is one more belief that goddess Lakshmi, wife of Vishnu dwell in the tree. She is known as goddess for wealth and prosperity and believed that wherever the people worship Lord Vishnu she settles there. Hence a lot of people worship amala tree on this auspicious day.

There is a tale of the vrata which is to be followed on this auspicious day and the moral of the story depicts that, if the vrata is performed without any desire and just with pure devotion, it results in grace in this as well as next life too. Devotees worship Vishnu by fasting and even remain awake the whole night singing devotional songs and worshipping the Lord.

Next Amalaki Ekadashi is on 17 March 2019 (Sunday)

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