When is Armed Forces Day

Celebrate Armed Forces Day to Honor the Armed Forces

The borders and the citizens of America would feel vulnerable, and insecure had it not been for the Armed Forces. Their contributions, both during war and peace have been commendable. You will find that they have actively tried to maintain peace, and given their everything during war. That’s why the Armed Forces Day is an important part of the American culture.

It is an annual event for America celebrated third Saturday in the month of June. It is in honor of those uniformed people who promise to protect the border and honor it in every possible way.

History of this Day

The day was originally started as the Veteran’s Day in the year 2006 by Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown. The main aim of starting this was to make sure that the contributions of the armed forces was not forgotten. Initially the date 27th June was chosen for this day. In the year 2009, the name was changed to Armed Forces Day

Events and Activities

It is important to know how the Americans celebrate this day. Firstly, it is not really a public holiday, but more of an honor. Achievements of the armed forces are celebrated on this day publicly, and their abilities are honored. Multi-service military displays honor this day, as part of the activities. It is important to educate the children about the armed forces, and many educational activities are planned in order to celebrate the day. Some events include motorcycle rides with the “Support the Troops” theme. Of course, the day would be incomplete without parades or some such celebration, and so it is planned too. A traditional drumhead service is still carried out to commemorate this event.

It is important to honor those who honor your safety and ensure your protection at all times.

Next Armed Forces Day is on 18 May 2019 (Saturday)

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