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Bhai Dooj celebrations in Hindu Culture


In Hinduism the relation of brother and sister is very pious and therefore two important festivals are there for this relation.Bhai Dooj is the unique festival where sisters pray for the long life of brothers. It is believed that on this day brother Yama who is god of death visited the house of his sister river Yamuna and blessed her that any sister who prey for his brother on this day, he will grant his wish. Hence, on this day brother visits the home of sister and bless her. Most of the rituals and celebrations during this festival is similar to that of Raksha Bandhan or the Rakhi festival. This festival is popular in Nepal and India and is usually held during the Diwali period. On this day, brothers visit the place of sisters and the sister puts a tilak on the forehead of the brother and prays for his long life and well-being. This festival is usually held for five days and people follow different rituals depending on the region. This festival is unique to the Indian culture which lays a great importance on the relation between brother and sister. It is believed that the duty of a brother is to protect the wellbeing of his sisters and the sisters in turn pray for the health, wealth and prosperity of their brothers.

Celebrations of Bhai Dooj festival :

On this day, sisters prepare the favourite dishes of their brothers and invite them to their home. They get the blessings of the brother and pray for his happiness and progress. Brothers in turn make a promise to protect their sisters and also gift them. In some parts of the country, women who do not have any siblings also worship the Moon God on this day. Girls usually prepare well ahead for this festival and get mehendi and dress up with their favorite traditional dress. Some people who cannot visit their sisters on this day send gifts through courier or other means. This festival is observed in many regions with different names. In Bengal, the same festival is called Bhai Phonta. Even Lord Krishna is said to have visited Subhadra on this day.

Next Bhai Dooj is on 9 November 2018 (Friday)

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