When is Black Friday

Shopping for Christmas Begins with Black Friday

In US, the day after the Thanksgiving Day is generally celebrated as Black Friday. In United States, this Black Friday sets in the shopping season for Christmas. It is not really an official holiday, but if combined with the Thursday you get a four day holiday, a long weekend to look forward to.

Few state government employees in the United States get a holiday on this day. This is the busiest shopping day for the people here as the market is flooded with various schemes, running with promotions and discounts. You will find a lot of sales happening across the States on this day.

Why Is It Called Black Friday?

Most retailers are known to record high profits on this day as people come out for shopping to celebrate the coming festivals ahead but still there are wrong signs as the word used is Black Friday. Then biggest question is why is it termed Black Friday? It has been associated majorly with the businesses which record losses in red and gains in black for this day. This was historically true, but it has not really changed in the current accounting software either.

When is it celebrated?

It is normally celebrated on 28th November which is immediately after the Thanksgiving Day. You will find the shopping sales’ notification being spread across town on the 27th November, along with the Thanksgiving greetings.

Why is it Popular?

There are several reasons why this festival has acclaimed popularity in the United States. For the people, it is the unofficial opening of the Christmas shopping season, which means you are in for some Christmas moments from this day onwards. Some shops open as early as 12 am and go on till 10 in the night. Some shops are on for the whole day and night. Some sales run till 2 am. It all depends on how the businesses want to run their sales for this day.

Black Friday is indeed one of the most important times for United States, as you will find the true Christmas spirit beginning to set in. 

Next Black Friday is on 30 November 2018 (Friday)

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