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A day that celebrates a better relationship

The Boss’s Day is celebrated particularly to thank the boss where one works. This day is celebrated in USA and Canada as well as Romania and Lithuania. The celebration of the day is decided on October 16. The main intention behind the celebration of this day is to have better and stronger relationship between employer and employee. Though there are a number of controversies that have surrounded the celebration of this day as well as holiday on it, however still it has been popular in these countries. This day has been registered by a lady namely Patricia Bays Haroski who got it as National Boss’ Day in the year 1958.

The reason behind her this move was her thinking that the employers deserve a respect and appreciation as a boss. She was working as a secretary under her father in an Insurance company at Deerfield, Illinois, and was aware about how much painful it was to manage everything. According to her the boss also need some appreciation from his subordinates and this can lead to a better intra-office relationship among employees as well as employer and employee. It can also help to reduce a lot of pressure and create harmonious relationship that can improve the workplace environment and effect the productivity positively. It also helps employees to understand the pain of supervisor and the efforts they make, as well as areas of their challenges. Understanding her thinking in the year 1962 governor of Illinois Otto Kerner officially declared October 16, which is the birthday of Patricia’s father as a holiday and as the Boss’ Day.

Nowadays this day is much popular in many countries in Europe also and hence, there are also thanks giving cards available from leading card companies to wish the boss and celebrate this day.

Next Boss's Day is on 16 October 2018 (Tuesday)

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