When is Cheti Chand

Cheti Chand: Sindhi New year day

Every religion has different festivals. In the Sindhi community also there are interesting festivals that they celebrate together. Cheti Chand is celebrated by Sindhi people. They have two main reasons to celebrate this auspicious day which falls on Chaitra month. It is their New Year day as well the birthday of Saint Uderolal also known as Jhulelal. Since it is considered as a very lucky day, many Sindhi business men start new account book on this day. They worship both Jhulelal and also Varuna, the god of water. During this day Sindhi people remember Jhulelal who performed many miracles. He brought justice to Sindhi people and made their oppressors realize their mistakes by opening their eyes. On this day people of Sindhi community start new ventures and also go for the new things such as new home or purchase of new vehicles. They visit their temples and worship Lord Jhulelal. They seek his blessings for health, wealth and prosperity.

Rituals performed on Cheti Chand

Sindhi people celebrated this special day with so much of enthusiasm. This day people also worship water which is the elixir of life. During Cheti Chand people participate in long procession which shows the life of the saint and they also perform Chhej which is a folk dance. Another important ritual is that Sindhi people will take Baharana Sahib to a nearby lake. Bharana Sahib has sugar, cardamom, oil lamp, water, coconut, flowers and leaves. One more  important ritual is ‘Jyoti Jagaan’ for this an oil lamp is lit and it is placed on a bronze plate. Hence, they enjoy the festival with great joy, wish each other for the better New Year. They also declare new relations such as wedding and engagement as well as other family occasions on this auspicious day.

Next Cheti Chand is on 7 April 2019 (Sunday)

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