When is Chhath Puja

Chhath pooja-worship of lord sun  

Chhath pooja is one of the most traditional and important pooja that most of the married women celebrate in India. Chhath pooja is also known as the Surya Shasthi pooja and this pooja specially done for the worship of Sun God. This festival normally comes after the most popular festival of India i.e. Diwali on Kartik shukla paksha. Chhath pooja usually celebrated twice in a year. Chaiti Chhath celebrated in the month of March to April. As Kartik Chhath is comes in the winter season and in this time period it is always easy for fasting. Kartik Chhath is more important and also very famous in world wide.

In Hindu religion, people believe Sun as God. In India people believes the seven horses of God sun are the symbol of seven days of a week. In India many sun temples were constructed and these are famous in world. Konark Sun temple is one of the most popular sun temple which is famous in the world. From a research the result comes that, Sun and solar energy is very important for the ecosystem and earth totally depends upon solar energy so people believes on Sun god. This pooja is one of the most popular pooja of the state Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh. People of Delhi, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Chhathtisgarh also celebrate this pooja.

The pooja system of this quite different and many rules and regulations you have to follow if you want to do this pooja for God Sun. It is always difficult to manage this pooja because there are many rules and regulations in this pooja. This pooja is only allowed to the married women and the widows. Unmarried girls are not allowed to do this Vrata. Women have to clean their entire house on the Kartik Chaturthi day and also the meal is also cooked with care and purity and this meal is known as Nahana khana. Lauki is the main vegetable of this pooja. This is a compulsory vegetable you have to cook in this special occasion. Women have to do waterless fasting in this pooja. On the 5th day the most popular recipe i.e. Kheer is prepared with rice, jaggery and milk. Every woman who fasting for this Vrata takes only the special prepared Kheer after the sun set. This meal of Kheer is known as Kharna. This pooja is performed by Kunti and Karna to offer arghya to the lord Sun. 

Next Chhath Puja is on 13 November 2018 (Tuesday)

Days Remaining in Next Chhath Puja

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