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Christmas the most awaiting festival for people   

The festival of Christmas is a known festival of Christians and is celebrated with great joy and delight. Well-known Christian customs and different types of cakes are the main attraction of this festival. As there are many countries with more Christian population it is celebrated in almost all the parts of the world. The Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year. This is a festival of joy and happiness for Christians as well as others also. Christians celebrate this festival by offering gifts to the kids and also decorate Christmas trees with colorful lights at their home or garden. They enjoy this day with their friends, family members and relatives with music and dance.

Christmas has been the most significant holiday of the year in every Christian country. This festival is normally celebrated for a long span of ten days which starts from December 25 and lasts till 5th of January. During these days people enjoy with Christmas feast, go to the churches, clean homes, shop a lot of items and enjoy parties. Normally people begin the preparation before a few days from the Christmas. In Christmas shopping is important and people normally shop different sweets, cakes and vivid color outfits to celebrate the Christmas with great joy and enjoy it perfectly. Some countries like Germany and Poland call the December 25 as second Christmas day. Romanians call this festival as St.Stephen’s Day. Russia had banned the celebration of Christmas due to revolution but the people still consider this festival as a holiday and enjoy the festival.

Santa Claus is the main attraction of this festival. Small kids await him for gifts as it is believed that on Christmas Santa gives gifts to kids. Hence, many people offer gifts to the people wearing Santa Clause costumes. People normally decorate their homes with diverse colorful lights to provide unique and colorful look. They light the candles and pray to the Jesus Christ. In many countries people organize various programs related to Jesus Christ.

In this special day people usually invite their relatives and friends to home for the Christmas party. There are lot of items served during the Christmas party and the whole atmosphere is quiet scenic. Overall this is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by people with great zeal and enthusiasm  all over the world.

Next Christmas is on 25 December 2017 (Monday)

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