When is Colorado Day

The day when Colorado Joined the Union

The 1st of August is officially celebrated as the Colorado Day. This was the day in the year 1876 when Ulysses S. Grant welcomed Colorado into the Union. This day honors and celebrates the past and present while considering the future of the Centennial State.

It is celebration time within Colorado. The day is celebrated by sharing stories and knowing the history. The holiday is not really a public holiday, but the celebrations are contained in a methodic way.

It is important to know why the day is celebrated. In the year 1861 Congress officially created the Colorado territory. This encompasses of the Southern Rocky Mountains and Northeastern part of the Colorado Plateau along with the western edge of the Great Plains. It is the 8th most extensive region, and 22nd in the most populous states of the United States at present.

The attempts were being made since the 1860s, but due to wartime issues and a slump in the economy, these attempts were not successful then. In the 1870s, the railroad development coupled with the silver strikes got people into the Colorado region. The Colorado region was officially instated as part of the United States in 1876 after President Grant signed the treaty.

History of Colorado is specifically celebrated on this day. The Colorado museums hold free entry for this day to all its visitors. There are lucky draws which enable families to win a dinner. Other ways of celebrations include going to the Georgetown loop railroad and taking a tour of the historic trains as well as the special event trains.

Sales and deals also help people celebrate this day. A lot of places offer good deals to the people in Colorado as part of the celebration. You can get free admission into the Colorado State Parks on this day.

Next Colorado Day is on 1 August 2019 (Thursday)

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