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It is a day celebrated by a number of countries for one single cause. The day is celebrated as a symbol of the land area discovered by a well-known sailor Christopher Columbus. He had arrived on the day of October 12 in the year 1492 at USA and the area was thus known to the rest of the world. As a memory of this historical incident this remarkable day is celebrated in not only USA but also in many other countries. There are a lot of times when the celebration of this moment has been a center of debate. This day was first celebrated in the year 1906 in Colorado which later became a part of list of holidays of federal. First time it was called as a celebration by the then president Mr Benjamin Harrison on the 400th Anniversary of the arrival of this historical man on the land of America.

The day on the name of land inventor

On this day people of the society from groups such as Poets, preachers, Politicians, teachers and other people gather and discuss as well as teach the virtues and rituals related to the patriotism, discrimination and race superiority as well as extinction of various cultures and prepare the next generation in such a way that can be helpful to the society. It is also celebrated as a day of heritage by many groups of people. In the year 1934 President Roosevelt declared it a holiday under the federal list and since then majority of the parts of USA remain close on this day. It is also a day of anniversary of US Navy and therefore the Navy celebrated both days with 72 or 96 hours period of liberty.

In the areas where there are more population of Italians there are also large parades and other programs organised by people and various non-government organisations.

Next Columbus Day is on 14 October 2019 (Monday)

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