When is Constitution Day

An important day for democratic country

For any democratic country, the constitution is the center of all the functions of the state. It exhibits the rights and duties of the citizens and accordingly the state legal procedures are created. In the United States of America, the constitution was adopted at Philadelphia on 17 September, 1787. Since then this day has gained paramount importance and people as well as the state celebrate this day as a day of national importance. This day is observed as holiday in all the government and its supported agencies and institutes. The schools, colleges and universities that get the federal fund in any form need to remain close and observe a holiday. However, any other organizations that don’t get fund from the government may continue functioning but usually all such organisations also celebrate this day in one or another way.

There are many colleges that arrange constitution contest and spread awareness of various provisions made in constitution for different parts of society. Some colleges also circulate copies of constitution in free to people and give T-shirts to students on which presidential quotes are written that spread various messages to the people about the constitution. There are various organisations that arrange different programs to commemorate the day in a way that suits to the status of this day.

Initially, for a number of years the day 17 September was known as constitution day but in the year 2004 it is renamed as the constitution and citizenship day. If there is any weekend, Sunday or any other holiday falls on this day then the constitution day is celebrated on the next day. This provision is made to maintain the supreme importance of this day in the history of the USA. It is one of the few national holidays declared in the federal list.

Next Constitution Day is on 17 September 2018 (Monday)

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