When is Dhanteras

All You Should Know About Dhanteras

Dhanteras sets in motion the festive mood for Diwali, one of the biggest and brightest festivals celebrated in India. Dhan literally translates to wealth, and Teras translates to 13th day of the Hindu calendar, and hence together it means a day when one worship the almighty for getting wealth and prosperity. In the business world, this day is very important as every business man loves his business and wants it to flourish.

According to the Hindu calendar, this festival falls on the thirteenth lunar day of the Krishna Paksha. This festival honors Goddess Lakshmi, who is known as the Goddess of wealth, and is truly significant to the business classes. Precious metals are purchased on this day at the specified hour, in order to ring in material prosperity. On this day, God of assets and wealth, Lord Kuber is also worshipped by several communities to ring in more wealth, and gain better prospects

The Legend

According to a popular ancient legend, it was predicted that the 16 year old son of King Hima would die of snake bite on the 4th day of his marriage. On this day, his wife ensured he did not sleep, and for this she laid out all the coins, ornaments at the entrance of the sleeping chamber, and lit lamps all around the place. The next day when Yama arrived at their doorstep disguised as a serpent, his eyes were blinded by the dazzle created by the lamp and jewellery; hence he could not get to the prince, and lay atop the jewellery listening to the songs and stories. It is said that the King’s son was saved by the intelligence of his bride. This is the reason why this day is celebrated as Dhanteras


On this day, businesses ensure their premises are neat and well decorated. Colorful decorations in the form of Rangoli are made to welcome Goddess of wealth. Small footprints are placed around the entrance marking entry of prosperity. Gold and silver articles are purchased; it is said that some form of dhan when bought rings in good luck.  

Next Dhanteras is on 5 November 2018 (Monday)

Days Remaining in Next Dhanteras

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