When is Dussehra

The day when good defeated evil 

Dussehra is one of the most important festival of India. It is also known as Vijaydashmi. There are many mythological stories regarding this festival. Some people say that on this day Lord Ram has conquered over devil Ravan, also known as Dashanan (means with 10 heads.) Dussehra is celebrated of the 10th day of Navratra.

When goddess Durga defeated Mahishasur

According to Hindu mythology in the month of Ashwin (according to Hindu calendar) Goddess Durga come home and spread blessings to all. These nine days are spent with full of spiritualistic atmosphere and worship of Goddess Durga. On the 10th day Durga Maa’s farewell is celebrated. People dance, worships and throw colors on each other in front of Maa Durga’s statue. During these days many people do jagratas, havan and kanya poojan to please Goddess Durga.

Importance of Ram Lila

It is mentioned in holy book of Hindu’s Ramayan that Lord Rama defeated demon Ravan and recued his wife Sita, from that day people started celebrating Dussehra. Ravan was a demon who was creating troubles to sages in ancient period. Keeping these things in mind even today people play Ram lila. Ram lila is a play of 10 days in which whole journey of Lord Rama is depicted. People set stages for the play, get ready themselves according to the role given to them. As we all know Ayodhya is a place where Lord Ram took birth. In Ayodhya there is a place where Ram lila is played thru out the year.  On the day of Dussehra people go to Dussehra mela and enjoy seeing Ravan burning by the hand of Lord Ram. It is also symbol of victory of good over evil, humanity over cruelty.

The importance of Navratras and Dussehra

These 10 days of celebration has equal importance. People worship Lord Rama and Goddess Durga for prosperity, happiness and success. Small celebrations like satsang, keertan, bhajan evenings are arranged these days. Many people also believe that it is lucky to start a new project or work on these days. Several types of dishes are made and offered to Lord Durga. That is been distributed to people as Prasad. On the day of Dussehra public holiday is declared. All the offices, shops are closed even people has to arrange their own vehicle for travelling.

Dussehra in Bangladesh, Nepal

Not only in India but also in Bangladesh and Nepal Dussehra is celebrated at a large scale. People used to wear new dress, worship maa durga and  reach pooja pandals and celebrations are made. People dance with joy and feel happy to be a part of the religious festival.

Kids love to buy bow and arrow

During Dussehra mela kids love to buy bow and arrow as Lord Rama has killed Lankapati Ravan with the help of bow and Arrow. They enjoy the fireworks and fire shots done in Ramlila maidan or where ever the Statue of Ravan is kept to be burnt by Lord Ram. Dussehra is a very symbolic festival of Hindus in India.

Next Dussehra is on 8 October 2019 (Tuesday)

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