When is Emancipation Day

The day of abolition of slavery

There was a time when a lot of countries were ruled by Britain and those countrymen were made slaves. The Emancipation Day is celebrated in such countries who were ruled by them in the memory of abolition of slavery of many African descent from the British colonies. In many other countries this day is celebrated in the memory of abolition of other sorts of servitude from such authorities. This day is particularly held much importance in British West Indies and there it is celebrated during the initial week of the month of August as in the year 1834 the Slavery Abolition Act was passed in British Empire on this day.

In the memory of this historical event there are many areas where carnivals are held in the Caribbean countries. The Caribbean carnival is also held in these days only. However, a few other Caribbean countries such as Barbados as well as Trinidad and Tobago, do not celebrate this day in the month of August. Trinidad and Tobago celebrates it in the month of February or March according to their Ash Wednesday feast while in Barbados they celebrate it for a longer period that is known as the ‘Season of emancipation’ which starts from April 14 and goes on till August 23. There are also other celebration of different days held during this period in these countries.

There are various parades and celebrations organised by government as well as non-government agencies. The president, Prime Mister, Culture Minister and other leading personalities as well as citizens lay wreath to their ancestors on this day. Usually there is a march from Independence Day Square to heritage village in Barbados and the wreath laying is carried out at the Heritage village. On this occasion they remember the struggle of people for the abolition of the slavery and pay their homage to them.

Next Emancipation Day is on 22 September 2018 (Saturday)

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