When is Flag Day

Flag Day, When the Flag was Adopted

Flag Day is celebrated on the day when the flag of the United States was finally adopted. It is celebrated every year on the 14th of June. The resolution to adopt the flag was passed in 1777 on this day, and this day happens to commemorate this event. There were numerous designs out of which the current flag was chosen by the representatives and finally the USA was having its pride moment with a national falg.

History of the Adoption

It was not a single organization’s efforts that led to the making of this day. It was a design suggested by the Continental Congress that was approved as the national flag in the year 1777. The battle that happened in the year 1777 on the 11th of September, used this flag, and it was on June 14th 1778 that the flag was officially recognized as the flag of United States. If the history behind the adoption of flag involves so many people, imagine what the history of adoption of the Flag Day would have in store.

The celebration of the day when the American Flag was officially adopted was suggested first by George Morris in the year 1861. Later, in the year 1885 Waubeka Wisconsin and Bernard Cignard held a formal observance understanding the importance of the Flag Day. Gradually, more people started celebrating and commemorating the event on a small scale. In 1913, the Flag Day was officially adopted by the United States. The week of June 14th is officially recognized as the Flag Week.

How it’s Celebrated?

One of the many ways of commemorating this day is by having flags outside the house of the citizens. All important government buildings hoist the flag on this day, and it is displayed with pride. During the week, the US citizens are urged to hoist the flag and have it held high. Ceremonial rising followed by the national anthem are part of the ceremonies hosted on this day. Parade is also important part of this day. This day also provide great inspiration and message to stand united in the matters of national interest. 

Next Flag Day is on 14 June 2018 (Thursday)

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