When is Guru Nanak Jayanti

Guru Nanak Jayanti, let’s celebrate prakash parv

The Sikhism is one of the leading religion in India which has age old roots. This community and religion was founded by Guru Nanak Dev and hence he is one of the important religion and social leader of India. Guru Nanak Jayanti is also known as Guruparb. This is one of the most relevant festivals of Sikh community. On this day they commemorate the birth of Guru Nanak. He was the first Sikh Guru. His birthday is celebrated every year across the world. This festival is celebrated for many days on first day Akhand path is organized in Gurudwara, which continues for 48 hours. The main part of this even is that this Akhand Path should not be interrupted during 48 hours. This day is also celebrated as ‘Prakash Parb’. People of this religion worship him and seek his blessings. They also recite Guru Bani on this day and pray their guru Guru Granth Sahib for health, wealth and prosperity. There are a lot of activities arranged in various Gurudwaras. This festival is celebrated with much joy in the state of Punjab and Haryana.

The main celebrations

During the second day of the celebration prabhat pheries  (early morning rally) are conducted. At Gurudwara devotes chant hymn from Guru Granth sahib (holy book of Sikh’s). People collect for ‘Nagar Keertan’ where the five armed guards who are known as ‘ Panj Pyarey’ guide their way. They hold Sikh flags and march along the streets. They wear their traditional clothes and perform ‘Gatka’ a kind of martial art performance. At Nanaksahib various activities are conducted on his birth place. This day is celebrated with full enthusiasm at Golden Temple in Amritsar. They lit up candles and diya in Grudwaras. People also take participation in social service known as ‘Seva’. At Gurudwara lungar is organized where people sit and have Prasad. 

Next Guru Nanak Jayanti is on 23 November 2018 (Friday)

Days Remaining in Next Guru Nanak Jayanti

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