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All You Need to Know About Halloween

The famous phrase “Trick or Treat” paves the path to celebrate Halloween. Every year, on 31st of October, people across the globe celebrate the eventful Halloween. Halloween literally translates to “Hallowed Evening” or “Holy Evening”, and the origin lies in the term All Hallows Eve, a Scottish term.

The customs and traditions surrounding this festival originate from the folklores of Celtic Speaking countries. These customs and practices have their origin in the Christian customs and dogma that have been prevalent since ancient times.


According to the Celts, the end of the harvest season, and the beginning of winter marks the bridge to the world of the dead. It began as a Pagan ritual. But, today it is more on the lines of merriment and amusement. With a wide range of costumes, and sweet treats, this holiday is an occasion for ringing in happiness for the kids.

How it is celebrated?

Trick or Treat is the customary method of celebrating the event. You will see many children wearing variety of costumes, and visiting houses in anticipation of receiving sweets. When they call out for trick or treat, they give those they are visiting an option to choose from. Trick is most often a kind of mischief threat, while treat is what they will receive in the form of sweets. Mumming or souling is the actual origin of this practice. Mumming originated in Germany where masked people used to don fancy dresses and parade the streets. They also entered streets to either dance or play the dice, as part of the celebration.

Pumpkin is an important part of the celebration. The pumpkins are shredded to prepare masks of different varieties. The whole custom is modeled on vampires, monsters, ghosts etc. It is one variety of interesting and fun loving festival celebrated with pomp and joy in United States.

Next Halloween is on 31 October 2018 (Wednesday)

Days Remaining in Next Halloween

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