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Ring in the New Year with Happiness


New Year is the best time of the year. Filled with new moments, a changing number and some resolutions, most Americans wait for this time of the year. Six days after having celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, Americans gear up to ring in the changing year with pomp and enthusiasm. It is indeed a wonder the way this day, the beginning of a year, is celebrated in the country.


History Behind New Year


Everything has a history, and New Year is not new to this. Till a very long time, the Julian calendar was the most widely accepted calendar, and most of the festivals were being celebrated in that way. Recently, things changed, and Gregorian calendar came to being accepted as the source of dates and time. According to the Gregorian calendar, the year changes on the1st of January every year, and it is celebrated as the New Year’s Day.


Even today, a lot of Orthodox Christian Churches do not celebrate the festivals according to the Gregorian calendar as they don’t believe in the authenticity of the same as well as believe their calendar as superior to Gregorian calendar.


Symbols Used for the Day


Baby is the most common symbol found to be associated with this day. You will see a white male baby dressed in a diaper, hat and sash to symbolize the day of the year. In most pictures, the baby is not really a new born baby, as he is a few days old by then. It also resembles the wish of people which is commonly innocent as a child.


How it’s Celebrated?

New Year’s Day is one of the most celebrated days in America. Dine and dance Parties are held across the town to ring in this day. There are special events being celebrated to mark this day. In most places, this day has been declared as a holiday. You have people playing football, or some game to celebrate the day. Fireworks are the best way to bring in the New Year, and it is mostly worked out in the midnight.

Next Happy New Year is on 1 January 2019 (Tuesday)

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