When is Kurma Jayanti

Kurma Jayanti: Second incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Behind every festival in India, there is a story related to the religion and it has a link wihtthe mythology books. The Kurma Jayanti also has such an interesting story that one must know. There is a legend behind celebrating Kurma Jayanti. There was an ongoing battle between demons and gods. This was due to the curse from a sage Durvasa. Gods were beaten by demons and were thrown out of heaven which is considered as the place for gods only. Finally they went to seek help from Lord Vishnu. He gave a solution and that was to churn the ocean of milk so that it will turn to Amrit which if they drink can turn them into immortals. By turning immortals, it will be easier for immortal gods to beat the demons. Mount Mandara was used as a churning rod. The snake Vasuki was used as a rope by the gods. But after some time Mount Mandara started sinking and at this crucial time Lord Vishnu took the form of Kurma, the tortoise and kept the mountain afloat. Thus devas were able to win the battle. This is also known as one of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu out of his ten incarnations.

Significance of Kurma Jayanti

Kumar Jayanti is devoted to Lord Vishnu who took the timely decision to intervene between the battle of gods and demons and helped gods to win the battle. Kurma Jayanti is a very auspicious day and it is a good day to shift to a new home. This day special pujas are conducted at Vishnu temples. People who follow Lord Vishnu keep fast for the day and chant various Shlokas and Stotras to pray the lord who is considered as the operator of the world.

Next Kurma Jayanti is on 18 May 2019 (Saturday)

Days Remaining in Next Kurma Jayanti

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