When is Laxmi Puja

What is the Significance of Laxmi Puja?

There are many festivals celebrated in a sequence in the Diwali days. The third day of Diwali, on the dark night of Amawasya, the sun is believed to enter its second course. Laxmi Puja is performed on this day to pray to Goddess Laxmi for prosperity and well-being. This day signifies wealth and prosperity. The word “Lakshmi” originates from the word “Laksme” which means goal. She is considered to be the Supreme Being, which is why she is referred to as “Shri Lakshmi” in many instances.

The Legend

It is known the Lakshmi emerged when the celestial milky ocean was being churned by the Gods and Demons together, and at this time the Goddess chose Vishnu as her Consort. From the ocean, Vishnu carried Lakshmi to his heaven. Then onwards, whenever Vishnu took birth on earth, he was accompanied by Lakshmi as his wife. There is an ancient legend that throws light on the significance of Lakshmi Puja. According to this legend, Goddess Lakshmi, visits her devotes to bestow her blessings and gift them with prosperity and happiness.

Significance of the Puja

Lakshmi Puja is performed to gather material abundance and spiritual prosperity. Hindus worship her on Dhanteras which is the third day of Diwali festivals to seek help in getting rid of the troubles, and reinstating a spiritual path. It is believed that this sacred puja will help businesses flourish, and individuals gain more prosperity. For the business men, this puja has altogether different importance than normal people in the society.

How the Puja is performed?

Before Diwali, houses are cleaned in order to welcome Goddess Lakshmi as she loves cleanliness. The houses are decorated with lights. Some people renovate their homes during Diwali, to make it appear impeccable. Sweets and delicacies are prepared and offered to the Goddess on this day. Silver and Gold coins, a thali decorated with uncooked rice, red vermillion and flower petals is used for this puja. Panchmitra is offered to the Goddess. Balance sheets, account books and other business related things are placed in the puja to get the blessings.

Next Laxmi Puja is on 7 November 2018 (Wednesday)

Days Remaining in Next Laxmi Puja

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