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Lohri: the most popular festival of Punjab  

India is a place where diverse festivals celebrate by the people in every month. People of India always celebrate their important festivals in every year with a lot of joy and pleasure. From many festivals, Lohri is one of the most vital festival that mostly celebrated by the people of Punjabi caste. This is one of the most important festivals of Punjab and this popular festival Lohri originate from this state from. Nowadays people of all state celebrate this festival with lot of fun. This festival celebrates in the 13th January every year.

In this popular festival the whole family members sit around and light the fire. The whole family members starts to light the fire and revolving around it and this is the rule of this interesting festival. The process revolving around the fire is known as Agni ke Phere. People usually, murmuring Gayatri mantra at the time of revolving around the light. They sacrifice five elements of mixture in the fire in each round. This sacrifice is famously known as Aahuti. This whole process is repeated for 7 times and at the end of every round the people loudly saying Swaha.

As this festival comes in the winter season, after the ritual the kids dance around the fire and enjoy the whole festival. This festival is very interesting and quite popular all over the world and this is quite unique that other festival. This is a festival specially done for Agni Deva.

In Punjabi families this festival Lohri is one of the most important festival and they celebrate this festival with lots of preparation. As the Indian tradition newly married couples always needs to take bless from the god. So in the Punjab religion newly married couple celebrates this Lohri festival by managing big parties for their friends and relatives. They believe by doing Ahuti and Agni Ke Phere they can easily get blessing from the God.

Lohri festival is one of the most popular festivals that almost celebrate in every state. This is an old festival but still people celebrate this festival as the old days because they respect the tradition. This festival come in the winter season and people also likes to seat near the fire to get warm from the fire. This festival always brings a lot of enjoyment and pleasure for the Punjabi families.

Next Lohri is on 14 January 2019 (Monday)

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