When is Martin Luther King Day

Honoring the Man Who Had a Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. one of the celebrated leaders of the United States of America was born on the 15 of January. Every year, the third Monday of January, which falls around the 15th is celebrated as his birthday, and is marked as a federal holiday. This is the same man who brought in hope and legacy to the American culture, and inspired the Americans towards a better world and life.

He Had a Dream

America’s most inspirational speech “I Have a Dream” was given by Martin Luther King Jr, who invoked patriotism towards the nation in the young blood of the country. He had started the civil rights movement, and had honored the nation by winning it in the right manner. Equality and brotherhood were proclaimed as his dream, and the nation is striving to achieve it with every step taken.

History Behind the Day

Martin Luther King Day was proposed by the labor unions as part of their contract negotiations. It was in 1979 that the bill was moved for a vote in the House of Representatives. There was an opposition made towards accepting this as a federal holiday. One it was against the long standing tradition of accepting a holiday in honor of a private citizen, and second it would become an expensive holiday. But, eventually the bill was passed and this holiday was included in the list of federal holidays. The law to incorporate it as a holiday was passed in 1983, but it took close to three years before the law could identify the holiday, and actually honor it.

You will see people honoring this day with different names across the state. It is also known as Civil Rights Day or Idaho Human Rights Day. The whole idea is to celebrate the life and achievements of a man who fought for the civil and equal rights of the people of America which have change lives of many citizens by his acts and deeds. A man above than manly limits and real hero of people of United States of America who won hearts of many with his actions. 

Next Martin Luther King Day is on 21 January 2019 (Monday)

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