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Dip in the holy water and get rid of all hurdles

As per hindu calendar, there are many small festivals which are though not celebrated on a large scale but for the followers of concerned, it matters a lot. The Masi magam is one of the major festivals celebrated in the state of Tamil Nadu which usually falls in the month of Masi (Between February and March as per English calendar). Tamilians wherever they accommodate, celebrate this festival. The story behind the derivation of the name is due to the presence of a star called Masi among the twenty seven stars in the astrological system of Hindus which is called constellation. It is well known for spiritual purification and hence for those who believe in spiritual upliftment, this day is much auspicious.

On this particular day, full moon can be noticed and it is one of the best day for observing the full moon. Moon aligns with Magha the birth star of the kings and ancestors. This kind of coincidence occurs only once in a year as per astronomy as well as astrology. Masi Magam brings an end to all the hurdles and hardships of people. It provides with prosperity, wealth and health to its followers. Astronomically it is also said that Masi magha is the best time to purify both people’s mind and body. Some people also follow other kind of rituals like taking a dip in the holy waters to gain positivity and the blessings of god to give a better start to new life. On this particular day people worship Lord Shiva, enchanting the Shiva stotram, offering prayers with flowers and diyas too. At many Shiv temples pujas and yagyas are also organized where the Rudra as well as Maha rudra Yagya is also arranged. Many people also arrange such yagyas at home also. 

Next Masi Magam is on 19 February 2019 (Tuesday)

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