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Matsya Jayanti: Worship of Lord Vishnu

As per the Hindu Mytholgy books Lord Vishnu holds great significance and he had various ten incarnations. Matsya Jayanti is celebrated by the Hindus all over the world. This is the day dedicated to Lord Vishnu who took the form of fish which is the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is said that Lord Vishnu took the form of one horned fish and saved the lives of Manu and Saptarishi when Mahapralaya or flood occurred. It is he who rescued them from the demons and restore peace in the Universe. On this day pujas and other arrangements are done in all Vishnu temples. The Nagalapuram Veda Naryana Swamy temple which is situated in Andhra Pradesh is the only temple that is devoted to honor this form of Lord Vishnu. On this day there is huge celebration organized here to mark this incarnation of the lord and devotees do puja and sing shlokas stotras praising Lord Vishnu.

Rituals to be performed on Matsya Jayanti

Devotees, on this day, begin their fast from the previous night only. They avoid eating food and drinking water also. Many devotees also refrain from drinking wine and meat from a week before the day. Many devotees also maintain celibacy on the occasion of this remarkable day. They can break the fast only the next day after sunrise of Matsya Jayanti means keep complete fast for more than twenty four hours. Before breaking the fast they offer prayers to Lord Vishnu and also offer bhog which is later distributes as Prasadam to the family and other people. It is considered auspicious to stay awake the whole night and chant Vishu Sahasranama and Matsya Purana. It is considered a very good day to offer food, clothes or any other items to Brahmins and also to those who are in need.

Next Matsya Jayanti is on 8 April 2019 (Monday)

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