When is Memorial Day

How and Why Do You Celebrate Memorial Day?

This is another day in the memory of the people in the uniform. Memorial Day is closely related to the armed forces. Observed on the last Monday of May, this day commemorates the people in military service who lost their lives for their country during different battles and wars performing their duty to the security of the nation and their people. It is a day to celebrate their achievements, to honor their service, and to remember them for what they did for the country. It was started as a day on which the people honor the Armed Forces with their visits to the cemeteries and memorials.

Origin of the Day

It started out with the name Decoration Day, named after the ancient custom of decorating the graves with flowers. It was a tradition of the U.S. to decorate the soldiers’ graves with flowers during and after the Civil War. It was in 1861 on the 3rd of June that the first ever Memorial Day was celebrated. The confederate soldiers and not the union soldiers received the decoration on this day. This celebration first occurred in Virginia. In 1864, in Pennsylvania the women decorated the graves of the soldiers’ there with flowers to mark the spread of this culture of Decoration Day. It was not until 1966 that the Memorial Day became a part of the culture of United States officially. On this day, President Johnson signed a presidential proclamation wherein he named Waterloo the birthplace of Memorial Day.

What People Do?

It is however important to know how people celebrate this day in the United States, especially in the modern times. The flag is maintained at half-staff till mid noon on this day. A lot of people, even today, honor the people who died in wars by visiting their graves.

Of course, in the modern times families head out for picnics and celebrate family time on this day. On this day, white is the color that should be worn, and in the past people followed this trend. But, this has changed in the modern times. 

Next Memorial Day is on 28 May 2018 (Monday)

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