When is Mithuna Sankranti

Mithuna Sankranti: Celebration of transition of the sun to Mithuna

The planets and stars move in the universe and they have effects on human lives also. Considering the same the movements of sun and other stars are observed by people and hence various sankrantis are also observed. Mithuna Sankranti is considered as a very auspicious day for all Hindus. It is the transition of the sun to next rashi which is Mithuna or Gemini. This is a festival conducted to show devotion to Lord Vishnu and his wife Bhudevi means Goddess Earth. This festival is celebrated across Indian but known in different names. In Orissa it is known as Raja Parba.

Raja Parba festival in Orissa

This festival has got huge significance in the state of Orissa. During this festival occasion unmarried girls dress beautifully and those who wish to get a good husband sing Raja Gita and enjoy the siting on the swings. This is a four day festival and second day is Mithuna Sankrati. The final day of Mithuna Sankranti is dedicated to Bhudevi. Women dress up in traditional wear and give sacred bath to grinding stone. It is beautifully decorated using turmeric, vermillion, flowers, sandalwood etc. By worshipping grind stone they are paying respect to earth and nature. Devotees also conduct special puja to Goddess Earth to seek her blessings. This festival is very colorful as they are celebrating it with their friends and families. At many places the arrangements of celebration of this day are done at the temples or in the ground that is near the temple. So that people can worship the god and at the same time enjoy the festival also.

Next Mithuna Sankranti is on 15 June 2019 (Saturday)

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When is Mithuna Sankranti 2019
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