When is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

An important day in the world history

On December 7th every calendar year, the United States observes the National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, in honor of those who died in the Pearl Harbor attack on the 7th of December in the year 1941. This day was designated as the Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day on the 23rd of August 1944 by United States Congress. On this day, as per the tradition of the United States, the flag is raised to half staff till sunset to honor the dead patriots of the country.

The attack of the Pearl Harbor was one of the most massive events in the United States history. The naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy on the 7th December 1941, a Sunday. This incident tools the lives of 2,403 American soldiers, and injured close to 1,178 soldiers. Two of the U.S. navy battleships sank while five others were damaged as a result of this incident. There were other damages caused to the U.S. navy as part of this attack. 188 aircrafts were destroyed while 159 were damaged. As an aftermath United States declared a war on Japan, and finally entered the World War II.

This day is not a public or federal holiday in the United States. The businesses and other activities go on as usual. Some organizations conduct events in the memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in this attack. The celebrations are getting smaller with the day. In the earlier times, the Remembrance Day was a high note affair, but with times the celebrations have become low key. This year the celebrations will be low key affair. The Pearl Harbor survivors will be asked to relive their memories and there will be a garland laying affair for those who laid their lives for the country.

Next Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is on 7 December 2018 (Friday)

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