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India is country with diversified cultures. People in India follow different cultures, pray various gods and even belong to different religions. For instance, A Hindu calendar is full of festivals and auspicious days according to the time. People celebrate these days in different customs and please their god. One among such important festival is Phulera Dooj, which is known as the festival of flowers. The name is so derived from the Hindi word ‘Phul’ which means flowers. As people play with flowers and offer their praying’s to the god using various kinds of colorful flowers, it is called as Phulera Dooj.

This particular festival is celebrated before Holi, either in the month of February or March and is associated with Holi. The festival of Phulera Dooj is celebrated mainly in the temples of Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu. Most of the times, the festivals falls in between two major festivals Vasantha Panchami and Holi, People start throwing colors, which are smudged on face of Lord Krishna. Basically it is followed in the Northern states of India. On this day the followers of Krishna and Vaishnav sect offer special puja in the temple as well as at home. They offer various Prasad to the Lord and later it is distributed among the devotees in temples while among femily members at home.

One more significance of this festival is the entire day is auspicious without any kind of defects and hence is best for marriages to perform. Any couple at any time of the day can get marry and acquire the blessings of lord Krishna. Considering the importance of the day many people start their new ventures such as new business or shifting to new house or new shop with the blessings of the God. There are a lot of new vehicles also purchased by many people on this auspicious day. 

Next Phulera Dooj is on 8 March 2019 (Friday)

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