When is Pioneer Day

The establishment day of Utah

The 24th of July is celebrated as Pioneer Day in the Utah State in the United States. This day is celebrated by the states that are currently occupied by the Mormon pioneers. The day is celebrated to commemorate the first steps of Brigham Young and the Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley. This incident occurred on 24th July, 1847. The latter day saints settled here after they were forced out of Nauvoo Illinois and other locations.

On this day, as part of the celebrations, parades, fireworks, rodeos and other festivities sparkle the town and mark the moment. This day is celebrated in a similar fashion to 4th of July. Most of the government offices and business remain shut on this day.

Pioneer Day is special for Utah, but it is not restricted to this region only. It is also a special day for the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Latter-day saints walk through portions of the Mormon trail and re-enact their entry into the Salt Lake Valley with a handcart. There are songs, dances, potlucks and other pioneer related activities that are seen come alive throughout the valley on this day.

This is specifically a church holiday, but the celebrations are not restricted to the members of the Church alone. The people from different faiths, nationalities etc. who live in the Salt Lake Valley take time to celebrate this day. This day also commemorates the developments and progress made by this region since the first steps of the pioneers. One such noteworthy phenomenon was the arrival of transcontinental railroad. Another such footstep was taken when the first public hospital came into existence. There are intertribals who honor the rich culture, and contribute towards helping the Utahs. People are encouraged to study the history associated with this day in depth

Next Pioneer Day is on 24 July 2018 (Tuesday)

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