When is Presidents' Day

3 Facts You Should Know About President’s Day

The President’s Day is a federal holiday across United States of America, and is celebrated on the third Monday of February every year. It is celebrated to honor George Washington, and is also known as Washington’s Day. In the beginning it was referred to as Washington’s Day, but was later changed to President’s Day so that people don’t feel they are honoring a single President of United States.

Despite having changed the name, and having undergone quite a few changes, there are some facts about the President’s Day that you are probably not aware of.

It’s Still Washington’s Birthday

As per the Section 6103(a), of title 5 of U.S. Code, this day of the year celebrated as President’s Day is in fact George Washington’s birthday only. Initially, the day was celebrated on the 22nd of February which happens to be George Washington’s birthday. But, in order to make it approachable for the Congressional initiative of attaching federal holidays to weekends, the date was changed and so was the name. Now, it is celebrated on the third Monday of February every year as per the proclamation made under the federal list.

An Attempt at Branding

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday falls on the 12th of February, and the President’s Day is celebrated in February so that it coincides with Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, which is again a separate holiday in several states. It is a brilliant opportunities for retailers to increase their customer base. There are many retailers who offer discounts and promote their products during this time. Hence, this day brings good time for the businessmen and industries also who need a boost to their sales.

It’s Not Really a Holiday

Considering many other days in the federal list, this day has not much relevance. Hence, although it is an important day, it is not really a holiday. The number of emails opened and being replied on this day is higher than any average working day. It is the least important or followed federal holiday. Many still wonder why this holiday is even a federal holiday.

Next Presidents' Day is on 18 February 2019 (Monday)

Days Remaining in Next Presidents' Day

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