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The 7th of August every year is celebrated as the Purple Heart day. Purple Heart is the US military decoration that is awarded to all those who lost their lives while serving, on or after the 5th of April 1917. The first ever Purple Heart was awarded in 1932 on the 22nd of February. This is the oldest recognition given to all in the US military. There is a National Purple Heart Hall which is located in New Windsor in New York.

Purple Heart Day commemorates the creation of this recognition, an event which happened in the year 1782. The very first and the original Purple Heart was designed by George Washington. It was popularly known as the Badge of Military Merit.   This award allowed the recipients to pass guards and sentinels without being challenged about it. This first badge of recognition was awarded to three revolutionary war soldiers.

This award remained silent for a very long time. It was not abolished, but it was never used after the 1782 ward. It was during the World War I that the badge was reinstated by the military of United States.

In this recognition, no serving officer is recommended by their seniors to receive this award, unlike the other recognition medals. There is a criteria specified for this, and the person is awarded if and only if they fulfill the criteria. The Purple Heart is a heart shaped medal which possesses a golden border. On the heart there is the shield of the coat of arms of George Washington. On the reverse side of the medal, the words “For Military Merit” are embossed in bronze.

Maximum Purple Hearts were given to the serving officers during the World War II. The Vietnam War and World War I officers too received the Purple Hearts. 

Next Purple Heart Day is on 7 August 2018 (Tuesday)

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