When is Ram Navami

Ram Navami is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was born on Navami tithi during shukla paksha of chaitra month. Ayodhya being the birthplace of Lord Rama attracts a number of devotees on Ram Navami. Devotes also keep fast on this day from sunrise to sunset on this day.

History of Ram Navmi

As per the epic Ramayana, the emperor of Ayodhya, King Dasratha had no children. He asked Rishi Rishyaring to perform rituals for this purpose. At that time, people were also terrorized with the evil king Ravana who has the boon that he could not be killed by gods, gandharvas or yakshas. Lord Brahma said at that time that he would be killed by a common man. The gods then requested Lord Vishnu to take birth at Dashratha house. As a result, after the ritual a beverage appeared. It was given to all the three queens. After some time, Rama was born to Kaushalya on Ram Navmi day.

Celebration of Ram Navmi

Ram Navmi is celebrated in different ways throughout the country. There are bhajans, puja and rath yara programs. Some people do Akandh Ramayana Path which takes 24 hours. Individuals Kands are also recited like the sunderkand which takes 3 hours. Moreover, people clean their homes and at the evening time worship Lord Rama, Lakshman, Sita and Hanuman. “Aarti” of these gods is sung and finally prasad is distributed.

Next Ram Navami is on 25 March 2018 (Sunday)

Days Remaining in Next Ram Navami

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