When is Shakambari Purnima

Worship goddess Shakambri for nine days

One of the famous and most importantly celebrated primary festival of Hindus is worshipping goddess Shakambari, which is called as Shakambari Purnima. Those who believe and follow Goddess this is an important day to observe with all his belief and religious rituals. This particular day falls on Paush month, which normally comes in the month of January. Generally, the goddess is worshipped for a period of nine days which is called as Shakambari Navaratri and this auspicious day falls on the eighth day of nine day celebration.

Bathing is the major and important ritual that is to be followed on the days of Purnima holidays. Many devotees take holy bath in various holy rivers throughout the day from morning. There is a certain way like they need to face the sun before they initiate bath similar to the way followed in other religious practices. People from different regions all over India follow and worship goddess Shakambari on this particular period and it is one of the important festivals for the states Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan where people celebrate the festival with great joy and faith in the religion. The day is also known as Shakambari Mata’s jayanti. There are various other rituals and practices followed on this specific day in the temples dedicated to Shakambari goddess. The celebration of festival day may vary in few regions like it falls in the Chaitra month which is the duration between March and April in Rajasthan. There are a lot of places where a special puja and yagya is performed on this day. There are many devotees who keep fasting on this day and chant many prayers in the form of shlokas and stotras. The mother Shakambhari is also considered as one of the form of Mother Lakshmi also.

Next Shakambari Purnima is on 21 January 2019 (Monday)

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When is Shakambari Purnima 2019
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