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It is a famous festival day celebrate in many countries in the month of February or month of March. This day is also known as Pancake Day. It precedes the Ash Wednesday which is the first day of Lent. On this day people consume Pancakes and hence the name Pancake Day derived. This joyful day is commonly decide by the Easter. It is a day when one needs to introspect himself and decide what wrong he has done and repent for the same. Hence the word Shrove has derived from shrive which means absolve or introspect. On this day people ask for the forgiveness for their deeds. They also look at various points and decide certain things to change the life.

As it is also considered as the last day and from next day the Lent which is penitential season begins, people consume their favourite food. From the next day for forty days they observe sacrifice of such food. Many people also keep fasts of forty days which also begins from the very next day. In the French it is known as Mardi Gras that literally means Fat Tuesday as on this day people go for rich food.

There is no sure information available about the beginning of this day and the tradition. There are many sources which also reveal that this day was originally started as a Pagan Holiday. In the old days people believed that there is a fight between God of Vegatation Jarilo and the God of evil. The Jarilo wants to have the spring and hence they believed that they need to help Jarilo to bring the season of spring. Hence people also celebrate Maslenitsa week and for the whole week they eat good food especially pancake as it resemble Sun. In the end of the week they also burn pancakes with bon-fire.

Next Shrove Tuesday is on 5 March 2019 (Tuesday)

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