When is Statehood Day Hawaii

The day when a state was admitted

The statehood Day Hawaii is one of the most important day for the State of Hawaii as well as the United States of America. This day is celebrated in the month of august on the third Friday every year. On this day the State of Hawaii was admitted to the United States as the 50th state and the proclamation of the same was made by the then president Dwight Eisenhower. Still this day the state of Hawaii was separate but now it’s a part of USA.

Though the bill to admit the Hawaii state was presented very early to the senate. The first bill was introduced in the senate in the year 1919 by Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianole. Later the additional bills were presented in the year 1935, 1947 and 1950. In the year 1959, the congress had approved the bill and the public referendum was asked for. In the referendum 94% people voted in favour to the question of the state be admitted to the USA. On the day of 21st August the official declaration was made admitting the state in the USA. From 1969 onwards this day is celebrated by the state of Hawaii in the memory of the admission to the USA.

The state has officially declared a holiday on this day and all the government agencies and offices remain close. The schools and colleges funded by the government in any form also observe a state holiday. But there is not much official celebration about the state admission as there is a lot of controversy about the admission of the state since very beginning. There is a small celebration held at a few government offices and rest are just closed for the day. The 50th anniversary of this day was also celebrated without huge activities.

Next Statehood Day Hawaii is on 17 August 2018 (Friday)

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