When is Surasamharam

Surasamharam: Victory of good over bad

Surasamharam is a known festival of Southern India where people believe in Lord Murugan. As per the mythology on this day the Lord had wont the battle with the demons and destroyed them. To mark the winning of good over bad this day is celebrated with joy and dance. People also perform special pooja of Lord Murugan at home, office and temple.

It is an ancient dance form which is performed by the dancers to depict the story of Lord Murugan and Asura’s fight.  Mainly it is performed in the Tamil Nady and Kerala which are southern part of India. It is also an important festival of Sri Lanka. People used to worship Lord Murugan and celebrate the festival of Surasamharam as the victory of god over those who were indulged in wrong doings.

People Keep Fast

It is said that the festival is celebrated at very huge level. The devotees used to keep fasts for six days in order to show respect to Lord Murugan. The first day of the festival is called Pirathamai whereas the sixth day is known as Surasamharam day. On the last day of the fast people celebrate the Surasamharam festival. This day is also known as the Surasamharam day.

Huge celebrations in Temples

The festival of Surasamharam is mainly observed in the month of November. Devotees go to the temple of Lord Murugan and worship him. They pray for the health, wealth and wellness of their families.  At Thiruchendur Murugan Temple the festival is celebrated on a very large scale. It is believed that Lord Murugan has killed demon at this place and therefore this temple has historical as well as religious importance for the followers of Lord Murugan and hence it is also a known pilgrimage for them.

Next Surasamharam is on 13 November 2018 (Tuesday)

Days Remaining in Next Surasamharam

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