When is Surdas Jayanti

Surdas Jayanti, let us remember blind saint

There are many characters who have guided the society despite having some or the other basic weaknesses in the body. The leading Krishna Bhakt Surdas is the perfect example of such achievement. He is known for his pad which he created due to his love to Lord Krishna and he worshiped the lord with his inner sense to Lord. Surdas is one of the eminent poets of Indian literature. He was blind since birth, yet was able to create his own phrases in the forms of poems. Most of his work was dedicated to Lord Krishna. Every year his birthday is celebrated in the form of Surdas Jayanti all over India. Although there is no specific date regarding celebration of his birth but it is believed that he was born in 1478 AD. He used to sing songs of Lord Krishna since Childhood. His work Sursagar is a holy book which has collections of his poems. His Jayanti is celebrated in the month of May or June. He was known for his beautiful bhajans about the childhood of Lord Krishna.

Grand celebrations in Vrindavan and Braj

Surdas Jayanti is celebrated at very large scale in Vrindavan and Braj. Many seminars are conducted on the preaching and life of Surdas. At schools and colleges students take participation in debate and poem reciting competition. At many places Kavya Sammelans are held where poets recite creations of Surdas. At Vrindavan and Braj people visit Lord Krishna’s temple and sing poems done by Surdas. Here women devotees come and recite bhajans and worship Lord Krishna. There are a lot of disciples of Lord Krishna who celebrate this day on a huge scale. There are a lot of people who remember this famous follower of Krishna for his devotion and dedication.

Next Surdas Jayanti is on 9 May 2019 (Thursday)

Days Remaining in Next Surdas Jayanti

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