When is Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: A Day of Blessing

Thanksgiving Day is a major event in both United States and Canada. On this day, people residing in these countries express their gratitude for being blessed with a good harvest the previous year. Every year, on the 4th of November, and on the second Monday of October, this day is celebrated in U.S. and Canada respectively. The origin of this celebration lies in the religious and cultural traditions associated with the respective countries.

How it started?

The celebration for Thanksgiving originated in Plymouth. In 1621, Plymouth colonists along with Wampanoag Indians began the celebrations of Thanksgiving Day by celebrating the harvest feast. This was the first ever time this tradition happened. For about two centuries after this, the celebrations were being conducted by individual colonies. It was only in the year 1863 that President Lincoln proclaimed the 4th of November as the Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It became an official holiday for the people of this country, and each year it is one of the most important days for the people in this region.


Turkey tops the list of Thanksgiving traditions that are followed in order to celebrate the event. This tradition dates back in time, and centuries. There are different ways of trimming the turkey. Many people tend to cook turkey in a different manner, thus offering aesthetics and difference. Apart from turkey, pumpkin pie marks the tradition of this day.

Football is a popular method of celebrating this day. The very first inter college football championship was held on Thanksgiving Day in 1876. Since then, many football championships have marked the celebration for this day.

Parades are also part of the tradition for the celebration of the day which is much awaited by many people. Parades are mainly conducted in and around Philadelphia. Balloons, bands and floats mark the parade events. Thanksgiving is important to the culture of Americans.

Next Thanksgiving is on 22 November 2018 (Thursday)

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