When is Tulsidas Jayanti

Tulsidas Jayanti, let’s remember a great saint

There are a number of saints and religious have born on the pious land of India. Tulsidas is known to be the best devotee of Lord Rama and Hanuman. He is also considered among one of the great saints born here. His time is considered of the 16th century. He was although a very common man in the beginning of his life but after marriage his devotion towards god was increased and later he is said as with divine light which changed him as saint.  Tulsidas Jayanti is celebrated as birth anniversary of Goswami Tulsidas. He wrote many epics. Some of his best creations are Ramcharitmanas, Hanuman Chalisa and Sankat Mochan hanuman Ashtak. Every year people celebrate his Janm Jayanti on the seventh days of Shravan amavasya. Goswami Tulsidas was born in 1532 A.D. He belonged to Brahmin family. His wife name was Hulsi. Many people say Goswami Tulsidas was an incarnation of Valmiki, who was the writer of great epic Ramayan. Goswami Tulsidas also wrote Dohavali, Geetavali, Janaki Mangal and Hanuman Bahuk. He wrote all of his books in erstwhile devnagri, and Sanskrit.

Celebrations on his Jayanti

On the occasion of Goswami Tulsidas’s Jayanti people worship Lord Rama, Mata Seeta and Lord Hanumanji. People do gatherings and seminars based on his teachings, his life and work. At many places devotees also visit Lord Rama and Lord Hanumanji’s temple. Other than this at many places brhamin bhoj is organized where people feed Brahmins and distribute food as Prasad. His Jayanti is celebrated mostly in every part of India in Hindu religion. People use to read and recite his Dohas and Epic and many other books. At many schools there are also competitions organized where students need to present the Dohas created by him. His contribution to Indian culture and literature is unforgettable. 

Next Tulsidas Jayanti is on 17 August 2018 (Friday)

Days Remaining in Next Tulsidas Jayanti

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