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On the 14th of February, people celebrate Valentine’s Day across the United States of America. A day filled with flowers, and candies, this day has been initiated to celebrate love between people. The origin of this day lies in the Roman lands, and is actually the birthday of a Saint who devoted his life towards spreading love.

The Legend

The origin of this day lies in the Roman tradition and Christian observances. It is associated with Saint Valentine, who was known for love, and his faith in the world. According to the legend, Saint Valentine was a church priest somewhere in the 3rd century at Rome. At this point, Emperor Claudius II had established that single men were better as soldiers than married men. So, he banned marriages for young men to have a bigger army. According to Saint Valentine, this was an injustice, and he continued to perform marriages secretly for the young lovers. According to some other legend, Saint Valentine was responsible for helping those who were being tortured in the prisons escape. Overall, the legends ended with Saint Valentine being martyred for a noble cause of love to humanity. He has been given the stature of a romantic hero for all his deeds for the society as well as individuals of that age. He was indeed heroic as per the legends.

Origin of the Festival

There are various theories to the origin of this festival and a perfect track of beginning of this day is not available authentically. Some believe the festival is celebrated around mid-February to commemorate the anniversary of Saint Valentine. Others believe that the event is a way to Christianize the pagan celebrations related to Lupercalia, which is basically a fertility festival associated with the Roman God Faunus.


On this day, loved ones give each other love cards and gifts to celebrate their love. Some couples plan a dinner outside and gift each other as a way to celebrate the day. Many proposals have taken shape of reality on this day. It is indeed a brilliant way to celebrate love.

Next Valentine's Day is on 14 February 2019 (Thursday)

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