When is Vivah Panchami

Vivah Panchami – Marriage of Lord Rama and Sita Devi


According to Hinduism, Ramayan and its different incidents have huge influence on the society even today. Vivah Panchami is the celebration of the marriage of Lord Rama and Sita Devi. According to the puranas Lord Rama who was the prince of Ayodhya went to Janakpurdham in Nepal to marry Sita Devi. This day falls on the fifth day of the Margashirsha Month which is usually during the month of November and December as per the Gregorian calendar. It is celebrated all over the country but the customs and rituals change from region to region. There is a place called Janakpur in Nepal which attracts thousands of people from all over the country during this event. This is said to be the birth place of Sita. Apart from that, this festival is also very popular in Ayodhya region of India. Special puja is organised in various temples and people sing devotional songs praising the glory of Lord Rama on this occasion. There are many people who want to get married, go for puja on this day and praise the lord to fulfil his or her wish.


Various Rituals during Vivah Panchami :


The rituals of this festival differ according to the region, but still most of the common rituals are practiced everywhere. People wash the idols of Rama and Sita and dress them as bride and bridegroom. After that, a grand wedding procession is held and they take the idols all over the town. The wedding ceremony is usually performed in the evening along with special puja. People gather in groups and sing bhajans. Later prasad is offered to all the devotees who come to visit the temples.


These kind of Vivah utsavs are a common part in Indian culture and you can also get to see similar marriage ceremonies being performed for various Gods. This culture is more prevalent in the southern part of India. The Kalyana Utsava which is the celebration of marriage of Tirupati Balaji is also a popular festival which is very similar to the Vivah Panchami festival.

Next Vivah Panchami is on 12 December 2018 (Wednesday)

Days Remaining in Next Vivah Panchami

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