When is White Cane Safety Day

The White Cane Safety Day is celebrated every year on the 15th of October in the United States. It has been declared as a national observance since the year 1964. This day celebrates the achievements made by the visually impaired or blind people. It also celebrates the independence achieved by blind people, with the help of the tool white cane.

There was a national federation of the Blind who had assembled in 6th of July 1963 seeking the governors of the fifty states to identify the 15th of October as the white cane safety day. On the 6th of October in the year 1964, the U.S. Congress passed a joint resolution H.R. 753. As per this resolution, the President of the United States was authorized to proclaim the date 15th October each year as the White Cane Safety Day. In a few hours, after the resolution was passed, the then President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the very first White Cane Safety Day proclamation.

The white cane signifies the ability of the blind people to come and go on their own. The movement of the blind people has become possible on the streets and highways owing to the white cane. It is important to make more and more people aware of the meaning of the white cane, and how it holds importance for the blind people. According to this resolution, the motorists need to exercise special care when they are on the streets, so that they don’t harm any blind people. This day was later declared as the Blind Americans Equality Day by President Barack Obama in the year 2011. There has been an increase in the number of blind people in the country, and it is important to ensure they are safe and independent. That is why this day is significant. 

Next White Cane Safety Day is on 15 October 2018 (Monday)

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