When is World Tourism Day

Come Let us celebrate world Tourism Day together

Tourism is a known activity across the world. There are a lot of destinations across the globe where the tourism is the main activity of the area and much helpful to earn livelihood to a number of people. Everybody needs break from daily routine. To relax, feel good and get recharged to achieve other goals of life.  People use to go on various trips and tours with their family and friends where they love to spend some quality time and make it a lifetime memorable trip. The purpose of celebrating World Tourism Day is to create awareness regarding international community and know the importance of tourism, to know other countries by their cultural, economic and social value. UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) invites different parties each year to participate on 27th of September in special celebrations which takes place in their respective country. There are a number of activities organized for this program that can help the people and the society. It also helps to promote tourism in the areas which are yet not more explored but worth to it. It has proven a great help to a number of tourist spots also.

Celebration according to themes

Almost in all countries every year World Tourism Day is celebrated according to different themes. These themes are selected by UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization). UNWTO is celebrating Tourism Day World on 27 September since 1980. This was the day when Statutes of UNWTO was adopted.  The purpose behind the celebration of World Tourism Day was to raise awareness of tourism among people. To make them understand how it works and what is its economic, social, cultural and political effect. For this UNWTO invites people from worldwide. According to their vacations or holiday people celebrate the world Tourism Day all over the world.

Next World Tourism Day is on 27 September 2018 (Thursday)

Days Remaining in Next World Tourism Day

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